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Welcome to class 3HL at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Mrs Lunt, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Cave Pictures

Over the last week and a half we have worked really hard to create some incredible pictures of caves. We looked really carefully at the picture we were using to help us and sketched the outline lightly. We then used pastels and the techniques layering and blending to add colour. Finally we used pencil crayons to add detail such as shape and shading. Mrs Lunt was so impressed she had to share them on our blog.

A child said ” We really enjoyed doing the cave paintings because we used pastels and learned new ways to use them.”

What a great first week!

We have a great first week and it has been so nice to see all the children and exploring our new classroom. We have started off our Stone Age topic by thinking about caves and rocks. In science we examined a variety of different rocks and thought about their properties. Before we compared the rocks we thought about the appropriate science vocabulary we could use to do this. We came up with absorbent and non absorbent, shiny and dull, rough and smooth and transparent and opaque. We had great fun investigating the properties of many different rocks before deciding which one would be best to build a cave out of.