Murton Park

I his week we have been on the most amazing trip to Murton Park. When we arrived we were greeted off the coach by a Stone Age man.

Once we had me Oak, we went into a room and got ourselves in to our own Stone Age costumes. While in here, Oak told us lots and lots of interesting information about the Stone Age and even began to introduce us to the Bronze Age. There were so many amazing artefacts we could look at too.

Once we had found out all of the amazing information about the Stone Age and we had shared all the things that we have learnt we went outside where we We found our selves in a Stone Age settlement with houses, animals and land to farm and a real fire. We created a name for our tribe and got our tribal tattoos.

When we had established our tribe we learned about the different jobs that people in a Stone Age settlement woiuld have done.

There were 4 jobs:

We all had the opportunity to make beaker pots. We did this by using our hands to manipulate the clay into a sausage shape and then used our thumbs to shape a hole in the middle. When we were happy with the shape we smoothed the surfaces out and then used wooden sticks which had been sharpened to a point to add decoration ad detail.

We also looked at and handled many ancient artefacts. These included tools made from bones, musical instruments and even a ancient hand axe from millions of years ago. We drew and labelled pictures of these artefacts and then wrote descriptions of them. We put them to together to make an Urgos catalog.

We learned how to use rocks to grind wheat in to bread as well as having a go at weaving wool to make fabric. We were so shocked at how hard with was to grind the wheat in to flour but were really proud of how well we did it.

The final activity we had a go at was our favourite. We went hunting with spears (they were pretend.) We all took it in turns to be the leader and use silent signals to communicate with our tribe when to move and throw their spears.

At the end of the day we all went into one of the houses and heard a story all about a Stone Age man called Otzi who was found by hikers in the Alps in 1991. We found out that he had been murdered but they archaeologists didn’t know why. When we get back to school we will be writing the story of Otzi and innovating our own reasons for why he was murdered.

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