Move over Mrs Lunt, there is a new teacher in 3HL.

Today was Take Over day in school. This is where children in school take over the adults jobs for one day. We were so lucky to have Nafisa form Year 4 working with us today and she did such a great job. She planned and led amazing RE and maths lessons as well as teaching us the days of the week in Spanish. Well done Nafisa!

Here are some of the our thoughts about the day:

Mrs Lunt : You did such a good job I might go on holiday next week and you can be the teacher (only joking.)

Abdul: Nafisa was very helpful and kind because she helped me when I made a mistake.

Ellias: Nafisa did a great job because she tried her best!

Thomas: She created a calm atmosphere in our classroom.

Meneya: We had a great day with Nafisa!

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