The newest member of 3HL

This half term we have been using our collaborative skills to design a ‘Junk Model’ Stig.
We worked in groups to design the different body parts and plan and collect the materials we would use.

Once we had collected our material, we needed to adapt our designs and plans for a number of reasons:

  1. We did not have the materials we had planned to use.
  2. We had found better materials to use.
  3. People who were making arms and legs decided the body parts needed to be the same and equal length as their partner.

Once we had adapted our plans, then came the build. We used our Wyldstyle skills to work as a team and effectively join our materials together to make body parts. Finally, we joined all the body parts together and made Stig.

After Stig was completed we discussed whether he should be part of our school community and thought of arguments why he should. These included:

Thomas: I believe Stig should be part of our community so he can learn to talk English.

Samu: I think Stig should come to ACE so he can learning to read and write.

Reagan: I believe being in our class will help him gain more knowledge.

Atheiro: If he is part of our community he will make friends and learn how to communicate!

We found it very hard to think of and reasons why he shouldn’t be part of our community so we voted he should be the newest member of 3HL!

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