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Welcome to class 3HL at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Miss Lucas, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Happy Blogging!

This week in 3HL

We had a lovely first full week in 3HL, as we started to look at our topics. Our science topic for this half term is ‘rocks’. We spent the lesson looking at different types of rocks and sorting them into a Venn diagram depending on their properties. We found some rocks were similar and others were different to each other.

In our Stone Age topic we looked at a cave riddle in reading. We then looked at the features of a riddle in writing and worked with a partner to write our own. To do this we found information about the cave animal we wanted to write a riddle about and made notes. We then changed our notes into informative sentences and ordered them from hardest to easiest. We can’t wait to publish these next week to display in our classroom.

Welcome back 3HL

Hi all! What a busy first week we have had! I must say it was so lovely having a classroom full of children again! Just look at all of their smiling faces. Oh how I had missed it!

I have been so impressed with the children’s cooperation and patience this week with the new routines and regulations in place as we operate our way through these different times. I have also been blown away by the children’s resilience and bravery returning to school after such a long time off. The way they have adjusted to the ‘new normal’ and adapted back to school life is truly admirable and it has been a pleasure to have a sense of normality again. They have all been so excited to be back in school again, as have I and I am looking forward to the learning we have in place for next week.

Have a lovely weekend 3HL,

Miss Lucas