Another busy week in 3HL

This week in English we have been using the laptops to research Wooly Mammoths. We recorded our notes in a spider diagram and used it to plan a SPO. Then, we used this to write an independent paragraph. I was very impressed with how these turned out. Take a look at Caitlin, Bilal and Joshua’s below.

We also discussed dilemmas in PSHE and how we could find ourselves in one. To show this we done a class conscious alley.

In Maths we have been practicing and getting really good at showing numbers using base ten. This helps us when we add tens and hundreds to a number.

Lastly, on Friday we took ourselves outside to find natural materials to make marks with in Art. This was after learning that this is what Stone Age people had to do because they didn’t have paint or paintbrushes. What fun we had!

Our learner of the week this week is Michelle for being resourceful in her learning and a lovely addition to 3HL. Well done to you!

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