Another busy week in 3HL

Miss Lucas took our P.E session this week after hearing the news that the Leeds Rhinos coach is having to self isolate. We still had fun practicing our ball skills making sure we had control of the ball when passing and dribbling.

On Wednesday it was ‘No Pens Day Wednesday’. This was a day dedicated to putting our pencils down and picking up our language. We had so much fun! It was also a perfect opportunity to practice our relationship learning behaviour collaboration that we are focusing on this half term. It involves working as a trio and each member of the group having a designated role. Definitely a hard skill to learn but important to have!

We also continued our anti bullying learning this week by making posters and chanting outside. We learnt the definition of some new words and realised the importance of not becoming a bystander. Our chant was as follows ‘Hey hey ho ho bystanders have got to go’.

In Maths I was really impressed with the depth of learning during one of our in focus questions. Without any input the class were able to come up with their own reasoning when starting our new multiplication topic.

A very blurry photo of my learner of the week this week (sorry). My learner of the week is Joshua for really impressing me with his collaboration skills during ‘No Pens Day Wednesday’. He took his role as leader like a pro and negotiated well when orally retelling the story of Otzi. Well done!

My Lexia legends are Shangen, Fahad, Michelle, Ario, Bilal, Joshua and Germanas. Wow so many of you this week. Your determination is inspiring 3HL!

My TT Rockstars are Shangen, Germanas and Ayesha. Again more than last week! Well done Year 3, keep up the good work!

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