Moving on to a new period of time in history – Can you guess?

This week we learnt about the Bell beaker people and designed our very own bell beaker pot. We learnt new vocabulary during a game of bingo in preparation to make the pots and created a unique pattern.

In topic we learnt about a new period in history ‘The Iron Age’. We really enjoyed using the laptops to carry out our own research on this. Some of us found some very interesting facts and useful information.

We also started writing a first draft of our Otzi story in English. I was really impressed with the vocabulary and detail added to this independent piece of writing. We then used some examples in a whole class feedback session to help us with our editing. I can’t wait to read the finished pieces.

My learner of the week this week was Germanas for for not only working so hard on making the right decisions but also for working on our current learning behaviour relationships. This week you have listened incredibly well and knew when it was your turn to share ideas with others. You also help build the confidence of others when it is needed and gave some lovely comments to pupils and staff on out Christmas dress up day. What a lovely thing to do. Well done Germanas, I am incredibly proud of the week you have had. Keep it up! 

My Lexia legends were Zaina and Isaac. Well done to both of you!

My TT rockstars were Soma, Germanas, Lilly Hans and Ivy. Huge congratulations.

I am always impressed with our determination to earn these certificates. Keep up the good work Year 3! So proud 🙂 I also admired how well the class coped with all of the changes that were going on in school last week. They all did a great job and persevered on.

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  1. Well done 3HL. It looks like you have had an especially busy week. I loved seeing your detailed Beaker Pot designs and can’t wait to see the real thing. Keep up all the hard work! Well done to Germanas on getting Learner of the Week.

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