What a fun week we have had!

We started the week finding angles outdoors as part of our forest school learning. This helped us understand that angles can be found anywhere and in different objects! For the rest of the week we looked at three types of angles; right, acute and obtuse. By the end of the week we were really confident at recognising these in different scenarios.

In our writing sessions we continued looking at the story of Lemminkainen, after working with Matthew Bellwood last week. We used Talk 4 Writing to draw out the story and took a section each in groups. In our groups we practiced orally rehearsing it. This helped us when it came to writing the section in our books. We looked at different synonyms and adjectives which we applied to add description and detail to the characters. After lots of practice we were ready to write. We will be editing these and publishing them next week. We look forward to sharing these with you! Here is our writing journey so far.

In Geography we looked at how volcanoes are formed. We discovered the different layers of the Earth and learnt a new vocabulary such as tectonic plates. To illustrate our new learning we drew diagrams of volcanoes and labelled these.

Lastly, in Art we worked in small groups to tie – dye with Ms Hirst. These were done on sheets of fabric that will represent the Aurora Borealis. We are going to continue to add to these next week and can’t wait to see the finished outcome.

My learner of the week this week is Lilly Hinchcliffe for really impressing me this week with her resourcefulness. In lessons she has applied knowledge that she already knew and asked the correct questions to gain new learning. Really impressed – keep up the good work!

TT Rockstars – Umar, Andrew and Shang 

Sumdog – Ivy , Ario and Andrew

Lexia – Andrew, Ruby and Alfie 

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