The Industrial Revolution

In history this half term we have been learning about Queen Victoria’s reign and the impact it had. This week, we looked at the Industrial Revolution and why the population in Leeds rapidly increased. We learnt about the 7 Arches Viaduct located in Adel Woods, which a lot of children were familiar with, and it’s job during this time. I wonder if they can tell you at home or if you could take a visit?

In R.E we have been looking at religious leaders and how they are good role models. This week we looked at Prophet Muhammad and the story of the Crying Camel. We recreated this story in our book and identified why Prophet Muhammad is an inspiration.

In writing we are continuing George’s Marvellous Medicine through Talk4Writing. Here is us retelling some of the story for you.

My learner of the week this week is Sebastian for absorbing all of our learning in English and applying it to his writing. I love your imagination and use of vocabulary when adding description and noticing the appropriate punctuation needed in different sentences. Keep up the good work, well done!

Congratulations to Ivy as well for completing another unit in Lexia and achieving her certificate.

TT Rockstars – Aysel, Zaina, Fahad 

Lexia – Ruby, Lilly Hinch, Joshua 

Superstar – Bilal

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