What have we been getting up to?

In Science we have been continuing our Plants topic and have carried out some experiments to test the conditions plants need to grow and survive. We also looked at different types of soil and used their descriptions to decide which is the best to grow plants in and why.

In History we have been learning about the lives of the rich and poor in the Victorian times and how they differed significantly. Using this information we then looked at how children’s lives improved during Queen Victoria’s reign. We created posters stating why child labour should be stopped, which included shocking facts to back our decision.

In Art we have continued looking at typography and started making our own fonts. We took the first letter of our name and added some intricate details and designs to them. What lovely letters they were!

In Writing we have been using our description toolkit to up level our innovative changing stories through Talk 4 Writing. We have been editing and improving each piece of writing against our class targets ready for our ‘show what you know’ piece next week.

In Music with Mr Mercer we listened to a piece of music and had a go at guessing what was happening after moving to the tempo. We then had a go at composing a piece on the chime bars. I was very impressed!

We have had lots to celebrate recently…

First, here are our most recent Lexia Legends and TT Rockstars.

Our recent Learners of the Week have been:

Aysel for not only showing superb reflectiveness in her own learning but also the class model in writing. She has been putting her editing skills to good use, checking for errors and adding description to up level and improve her writing. Well done Aysel. 

Alfie for being an all-round outstanding member of our class. You implement all of our learning behaviours daily and are a kind, caring friend to others. We are very lucky to have you in our class. Keep being you!

Lastly, we have been giving out a new reward in class – Pen Passes!!

Well done to Joshua, Elinoy and Shangen for being the first to receive these.

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